Business Insurance
Commercial Property - This commercial coverage for business owners, is designed to cover the following: Property damage to your owned or leased building; your Business Personal Property; your Improvements and Betterments; Property of Others in your care; Loss of Business Income; Portable equipment; etc.

Commercial General Liability - This commercial coverage for business owners is designed to cover the following: Premises and Operations Liability; Contractual Liability; Products and Completed Operations Liability; Personal Injury Liability; Fire Damage Liability and Medical Payments coverage. Premiums are normally based on your Sales Revenue and/or Payroll.

Professional Liability - This commercial coverage is designed to cover the unusual Liability exposures arising from certain Professions. Those Professionals who may need this special coverage include: Physicians; Dentists; Pharmacists; Attorneys; Accountants; Social Workers; Nurses; Funeral Home Directors; Architects and Engineers; Ministers; Barbers and Beauticians; Computer Programmers and Software Designers; Insurance Agents; Opticians; Veterinarians; etc.

Business Automobile - This policy is designed for automobiles owned by and used by businesses (sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, etc.) This coverage protects the business entity and employees for Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability for which they may be legally liable. Other coverages which can be provided include Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorists, Collision, Comprehensive, Towing, Rental Reimbursement, etc. Coverage can also be provided for Non-Owned Autos used for business purposes, as well as Hired Autos, rented for short periods of time. No coverage is provided for any cargo which you are hauling. Premium is based on the type of vehicle, usage, value, limits of coverage, and the driving record of all regular operators.

Workers' Compensation - This coverage is Statutory (required by law) and varies by state. Coverage is Compulsory in most states.

Should you fall within the Workers' Compensation laws, you are responsible, without regard to fault, for any employee injury. The Workers' Compensation policy pays: (1) All reasonable medical expenses your employee incurs following an injury; (2) Two Thirds of the Loss of Wages after a brief waiting period until the employee is able to return to work, or is ruled permanently disabled; and (3) a Lump Sum Settlement for any disability resulting from the accident. While these are benefits to the employee, Workers' Compensation laws also protect the employer, by preventing lawsuits against the employer for negligence.

Employers of fewer than 5 can voluntarily elect to have Workers' Compensation laws apply. Premiums are determined by applying a rate (determined by the type of work performed) to the annual payroll of your employees, and is adjusted according to your previous claim experience.

Business Umbrella - This policy provides additional Liability coverage to your business, above that already provided by other policies (General Liability, Automobile Liability, Employers Liability, etc.) Coverage is available in increments of $1 million, and the premium rate decreases as coverage limits increase. This is an important coverage, which every business should consider. The greater your companies assets, the higher you Business Umbrella limits should be.

Surety Bonds - This is a Financial Guaranty provided by an insurance carrier. There are many types of Bonds available. The most typical are: Fidelity Bonds (Employee Dishonesty); Financial Institution Bonds; Public Official Bonds; Public Employee Bonds; Judicial (Court) Bonds; Probate Bonds; License and Permit Bonds (Notary Bond); Contract Bonds (Bid Bond, Performance and Payment Bond, Maintenance Bond, Supply Bond, Subcontractor Bond, Completion Bond) and Miscellaneous Bonds. Your acceptability for bonding is determined by many factors, but general the "Three C's" apply: Character, Credit and Collateral. Obtaining a Bond is much like obtaining a loan. G. H. Bunt & Associates, Inc. maintains a relationship with several of the nation's largest bonding companies and has Bond specialists available to counsel and assist you.
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